Node Fission Plan

Since the advent of, our unique model and high-quality trading signals have been unanimously affirmed by the vast number of online traders. In order to make more users in the online trading industry share and win-win with this super project, we have now launched Node Fission Plan.

Introduction of Nodes

1.1 Classification Nodes are divided into ordinary nodes and super nodes.

1.2 The Conditions of Becoming Node

· There is no threshold requirements to ordinary nodes, as long as you love the online trading industry (forex,metals,oil, crypto currency) can become a node.

· Super nodes need to pay 1 million IFXs, and have experience and contacts in the online trading industry. Further more, willing to maintain the brand value of and IFXs, and implement thebusiness development advocated by Meanwhile, super nodes are supposed to help headquarters to collect users'advice and feedback, and then the research and IT development could promote product upgrade.

The Profits of Nodes nodes use Contribution Value Classification System(or CVCS for short). The IFX consumption of all users including fission users under each node belongs to their own contribution value and is inseparable.

2.1 The fission relationships and CVCS under nodes are classified as follows:

Ordinary Nodes:

Grade Contribution Profits
L1 N≤30,000 6%
L2 30,000<N≤1 million 10%
L3 1 million<N≤3 million 12%
L4 3 million<N≤5 million 14%
L5 5 million<N≤8 million 16%
L6 8 million<N≤12 million 18%
L7 N>12 million 20%

Super Nodes:

Grade Contribution Profits
S1 N≤12 million 18%
S2 N>12 million 20%

Everyone could be a node and gets a commission of the direct invited customer's consumption according to his own level of commission standard, and gets a gap commission of the next level of the direct customer (because of the law, nodes could get only two levels commission).

Detailed explanation:
At most, A can get Commission from directly invited customers B1/B2/B3 and invited customers by B1/B2/B3(They are C1/C2/C3)... A receives full commission from B1/B2/B3 and gap commission from C1/C2/C3 according to A's own grade standard.


Suppose A is L7 grade, B1 is L5 grade and C1 is B's invited customer.
B1 consumed 30,000 IFXs, and C1 50,000 IFXs, so A's income is 30,000 x 20%+50,000 x (20%-16%)=8,000 IFXs.
In this case, A has only one invited user B1and B1 has only one user C1.
(As of March 20, 2019, the average number of nodes has 14.8 directly invited customers and 26.5 secondary customers.)

2.2 Analysis of Node IFXs Income Source

· Subscription commission: The trading signals under the strict risk control rules of have very high value to follow up, and can truely bring followers numerous returns. According to the current signals' price, each follower pay 10,000 -30,000 IFXs on subscription every month in average.

· IFX Mall commission: The props in IFX mall especially welcomed by miners of Currently, users is spending 10,000 - 300,000 IFXs per month on props.

· Pay for online courses: is building a vertical online colleage for traders. IFXs will be used in education/knowledge sharing/offline communication activities.

2.3 Other Benefits of Nodes

· Commission of the introducing traders attend in Trading Competition PLUS (ordinary node $50 / direct user, $30 / secondary user; super node $100 / direct user, $50 / secondary user). To participate in the competition, traders need to fund $1200 account for two months. Please refer to the introduction of specific rules for the Trading Competition PLUS.

· cooperates with many national and international Asset management companies in futures, funds, trust and other products (hereinafter referred to as AMP). If the user invest AMP by, the nodes will automatically get the share of the AMP income (The specific percentage depends on the specific AMP).

Support to Nodes

The headqurater of provides numerous ads modes\post modes to nodes. At the same time, for super nodes, also provides celebrity teachers offline salons, free conference and event tickets in online trading industry.

Join us!

If you want to be our nodes, please download and completing the following PDF and send it to We will contact you within a workday.

Welcome to join the Node Fission Plan!

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